Developments in Point of Load Regulation

Point of load regulation has been used in electronic systems for many years, especially when the load circuit is sensitive to noise. For example, in radio receivers it is common practice to isolate sensitive loads from power supply noise by local linear regulation. Dedicated point of load regulators have been commonplace in military and aerospace applications where modularity and sub circuit isolation are required for reliability, serviceability and low susceptibility to interference.

In other applications, recent limits imposed by the electrical utilities on overall system power together with consumer demand for increased bandwidth content and functionality have led designers to consider efficient switching regulators for all but the lowest power applications.

While the concept of point of load regulation is not new, the reasons for its widespread adoption have become more compelling as the bandwidth content and functionality of electronic equipment has increased inexorably over time. When you look at the evolving nature of point of load regulation you should consider new and innovative approaches to point of load applications.

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