• SC1102
  • 同步电压模式控制器,用于分布式电源应用
  • SC1103
  • 异步电压模式PWM控制器,12 V输入。
  • SC1104A
  • Not Recommended For New Designs
  • SC1104B
  • 简单,同步电压模式PWM控制器
  • SC1109
  • 同步PWM控制器的双低压差稳压器控制器
  • SC1110
  • 接收器和源的直流/直流电源控制器终止应用程序
  • SC1116
  • 为DDR供应 Linear FET的线性控制器
  • SC1175
  • 低功耗双同步DC-DC控制器和电流共享电路
Semtech SC4808B-2

Semtech SC4808B-2

High-Performance Dual Ended PWM Controller


The SC4808B-2 is a dual-ended, high frequency, integrated PWM controller, optimized for isolated applications that require minimum space. It can be configured for current or voltage mode operation with required control circuitry where secondary side error amplifier is used.


  • 120μA starting current
  • Pulse by pulse current limit
  • Programmable operation up to 1MHz
  • Internal soft start
  • Programmable line undervoltage lockout
  • Over current shutdown
  • Dual output drive stages on push-pull configuration
  • Programmable internal slope compensation
  • Programmable mode of operation (peak current mode or voltage mode)
  • External frequency synchronization
  • Bi-phase mode of operation
  • -40 to 105 °C operating temperature
  • MSOP-10 lead free package. This product is fully WEEE and RoHS compliant


  • Telecom equipment and power supplies
  • Networking power supplies
  • Industrial power supplies
  • Push-pull converter
  • Half bridge converter
  • Full bridge converter
  • Isolated VRM's



Order Codes

  • SC4808B-2MSTRT: Lead-Free, RoHS and WEEE Compliant, Package Minimum Tape & Reel Only
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