• SC1205
  • 高速同步MOSFET驱动器
  • SC1205H
  • 高速同步MOSFET驱动器
  • SC1210
  • 高速12 V同步功率MOSFET驱动器
  • SC1211
  • Combi-Sense™ 高速同步MOSFET驱动器
  • SC1211VX
  • 高速同步MOSFET驱动器Combi-Sense®移动应用
  • SC1214
  • 高速Combi-Sense®两相同步MOSFET驱动器
  • SC1218
  • Not Recommended For New Designs
  • SC1301A
  • 2A高速低侧MOSFET驱动器
Semtech SC531

Semtech SC531

Triple Low-side FET Driver with Digitally Controlled Current Limit


The SC531 combines three low side drivers with a high speed digitally programmable current limit and a zero voltage switching (ZVS) comparator.


  • Dual 2A Source, 4A Sink FET Drivers
  • Second Channel Enable
  • Independent Drive Supplies
  • Auxiliary 2A Source, 4A Sink FET Driver
  • Precision Reference Output
  • Current Limit Reference Output (Analog) Integrated Current Sense Blanking (Digital Input)
  • Digitally Controlled High Precision Current Limit
  • Current Limit Flag
  • Current Input ZVS Comparator
  • SPI Communications — 25 MHz
  • Thermally Enhanced 4x4 (mm) MLPQ-UT-28 Package
  • Lead-free, Halogen free, and RoHS/WEEE compliant


  • Digitally Controlled Power Supplies
  • Flyback Converter
  • Boost Converter
  • Forward Converter
  • DC-DC and AC-DC Converters With Active Clamp
  • PFC Converters With ZVT
  • Constant Current Converter


  • MLPQ-UT-28

Order Codes

  • SC531ULTRT - Lead-free, WEEE and RoHS compliant, and halogen free
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