• SC1205
  • 高速同步MOSFET驱动器
  • SC1205H
  • 高速同步MOSFET驱动器
  • SC1210
  • 高速12 V同步功率MOSFET驱动器
  • SC1211
  • Combi-Sense™ 高速同步MOSFET驱动器
  • SC1211VX
  • 高速同步MOSFET驱动器Combi-Sense®移动应用
  • SC1214
  • 高速Combi-Sense®两相同步MOSFET驱动器
  • SC1218
  • Not Recommended For New Designs
  • SC1301A
  • 2A高速低侧MOSFET驱动器
Semtech SC420A

Semtech SC420A

High-Speed Combi-Sense Synchronous Power MOSFET Driver for Mobile Applications


High-Speed Combi-Sense™ Synchronous Power MOSFET Driver for Mobile Applications


  • Combi-Sense™ dual MOSFET driver
  • High efficiency
  • Shutdown mode for increased power saving
  • Fast rise and fall times (10 ns typical with 3000 pF load)
  • 5 V gate drive
  • Ultra-low (<30 ns) propagation delay (BG going low)
  • Adaptive and programmable non-overlapping gate drives provide shoot-through protection
  • Floating top drive switches up to 27 V
  • High frequency operation allows use of small inductors and low-cost ceramic capacitors
  • Under-voltage lockout
  • Low quiescent current
  • MLP-12 package provides superior thermal performance in a small footprint




Order Codes

  • SC420AIMLTRT: Lead-Free, RoHS and WEEE Compliant, Package Minimum Tape & Reel Only
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