IO Expanders
  • SX1502
  • 4/8/16 Channel Low Voltage GPIO
  • SX1503
  • 4/8/16 Channel Low Voltage GPIO
  • SX1504
  • SX1504/SX1505/SX1506 4/8/16 Channel GPIO
  • SX1505
  • SX1504/SX1505/SX1506 4/8/16 Channel GPIO
  • SX1506
  • SX1504/SX1505/SX1506 4/8/16 Channel GPIO
  • SX1508B
  • World’s Lowest Voltage Level Shifting GPIO with LED Driver and Keypad Engine
  • SX1509B
  • World’s Lowest Voltage Level Shifting GPIO with LED Driver and Keypad Engine
Semtech SX1501

Semtech SX1501

4/8/16 Channel Low Voltage GPIO


The SX1501, SX1502 and SX1503 are complete ultra low voltage General Purpose parallel Input/Output (GPIO) expanders ideal for low power handheld battery powered equipment.


  • 4/8/16 channel of I/Os
    • True bi-directional style I/O
    • Programmable Pull-up/Pull-down
    • Push/Pull outputs
  • 1.2V to 5.5V independent operating voltage for all supply rails (VDDM, VCC1, VCC2)
  • 5.5V compatible I/Os, up to 24mA output sink
    (no total sink current limit)
  • Fully programmable logic functions (PLD)
  • 400kHz 2-wire I2C compatible slave interface
  • Open drain active low interrupt output (NINT)
    • Bit maskable
      Programmable edge sensitivity
    • Power-On Reset and reset input (NRESET)
  • Ultra low current consumption of typ. 1uA
  • -40°C to +85°C operating temperature range
  • Ultra-Thin 3x3mm QFN-UT-20 and TSSOP-20 packages (SX1501/SX1502)
  • Ultra-Thin 4x4mm QFN-UT-28 and TSSOP-28 packages (SX1503)


  • Cell phones, PDAs, MP3 players
  • Digital camera
  • Portable multimedia player
  • Notebooks
  • GPS Units
  • Industrial, ATE
  • Any battery powered equipment


QFN-UT-20 (3x3mm), TSSOP-20 (3x3mm)

Order Codes

  • SX1501I087TRT: Lead Free, RoHS Compliant, Package minimum tape and reel
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