Signal Conditioners
  • SX8722
  • SX8722,High gain acquisition for sensor interface
  • SX8723C
  • SX8723C,SX8723C ZoomingADC™ for sensing data acquisition
  • SX8723S
  • SX8723S,ZoomingADC™ for sensing data acquisition
  • SX8724C
  • SX8724C,ZoomingADC™ for sensing data acquisition
  • SX8724S
  • SX8724S,ZoomingADC™ for sensing data acquisition
  • SX8725S
  • SX8725S,ZoomingADC™ for sensing data acquisition
Semtech SX8725C

Semtech SX8725C

SX8725C,ZoomingADC™ for sensing data acquisition


Not Recommended for New Designs. Datasheet is for information purposes only.


  • Up to 16-bit differential data acquisition
  • Programmable gain: (1/12 to 1000)
  • Sensor offset compensation up to 15 times full scale of input signal
  • 1 differential or 2 single-ended signal inputs
  • Programmable Resolution versus Speed versus Supply current
  • Digital outputs to bias Sensors
  • Internal or external voltage reference
  • Internal time base
  • Low-power (250 uA for 16b @ 250 S/s)
  • Fast I2C interface with external address option, no clock stretching required
I2C  logo is a trademark of NXP B.V.


  • Industrial pressure sensing
  • Industrial temperature sensing
  • Industrial chemical sensing
  • Barometer
  • Compass


  • MLPD-W-12 4x4

Order Codes

  • SX8725CWLTDT - WEEE/RoHS compliant, Pb-Free and Halogen Free
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